The Wishmaster Casino Slot Game

Have you ever played an online casino game in the hope that your wish of wild riches would come true? Besides roulette and blackjack, you’re in luck because The Wishmaster slot machine has the chance to grant those wishes. This genie-based slots game lets you rub the genie lamp and take a shot on winning big bucks. Here’s what you need to know about this game, designed by NetEnt and available at theĀ new casinos 2019 Mr. Green and BGO Casino.

The Wishmaster Casino Game Theme
The Wishmaster is focused on an ancient Arabian atmosphere and features a fun animation showing the revelation of a real-life genie! You try to grab the lamp, but it disappears from your grip. Now you are on the hunt for it and the wild riches it could bring to you. The graphics illustrate this theme with very Aladdin style images that are fun to watch, particularly the detailed animations.

Another great visual aspect of this game is the various scrolled letters that resemble ancient Arabic writing. They are very well-drawn and help create an even richer atmosphere than the already high-quality graphics and animations had created. The bonus symbols are made up of hawks, scorpions, and other types of appropriate images.

The sound design also does its part by creating a deep and mysterious style that is among NetEnt’s best work. The soothing music is slightly themed towards the Arabic and creates a nice atmosphere that draws in the player. The sound effects of laughing genies and tumbling coins are also nice touches, particularly for those who want to feel surrounded by the game.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Players who have engaged with other NetEnt games should know what to expect from The Wishmaster betting options. You can change the bet amount, the number of lines, and even set up autoplay to streamline the gaming experience. Nothing too fancy here, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Besides this

The Wishmaster Slot Features
Fun features in The Wishmaster include Wild substitutions that allow you to match up the flaming Wild card to complete matches. These pop up sporadically as you play and can be matched with two or more symbols of any kind. The animation here is really nice, showing off a great attention to detail.

However, if you match up a scatter symbol (an orange scroll with a genie lamp), you can unlock Free Spins. This allows you to use 10 free spins that are then matched up with a random bonus, such as increased multipliers and wild cards. In this game, you can make big bucks by focusing on matching multiple free spins and increasing your multiplier.

Our Take on The Wishmaster
Were our wishes met with this fun game? Absolutely! We had a fun time playing it and even won a little bit of money while doing it. Check it out in either free mode (where you don’t have to invest money) or real mode where you can invest cash and actually get your payouts!

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