The Space Wars Casino Video Slot Game

Space…the final frontier! Through the endless expanse of the unknown universe lies a variety of worlds and experiences beyond our wildest dreams. In Space Wars, you will join the fight against the evil galactic overlords to gain control of your galactic destiny.

Playable at BGO Casino using free spins if you wish, this Netent game takes on themes from Star Trek and Star Wars and creates an engaging and unforgettable online gaming experience. The online casino Superlenny is also running a campaign at the moment where you can use your liveroulette free spins on the Space Wars casino slot machine, but you can also choose to oude gokkasten gratis spelen in one of the casinos.

Space Wars Video Slot Theme
Space Wars videoslot follows a fantastic tale of five extra-terrestrial races and their battle for supremacy in the universe. Each is vying over the possession of a crystal that will grant them vast and unknown powers. Seems like heady stuff and the game shows it off well by creating a space-theme that matches this struggle for power in a fun way.

The coolest part about this game is its 3D graphics that mimic a style similar to Pixar. As a result, everything is drawn with a lot of detail, the animations are surprisingly well-directed, and the sound effects make you feel like you’re engaged in space battles.

Quality is not surprising from NetEnt, but they really go out of their way to make this game fun for fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, and other space fantasy series. Thankfully, these graphics and sounds are not just window dressing on a mediocre gaming experience. The usual NetEnt quality applies here.

Betting Options and Other Slot Functions
Betting in Space Wars is simple. Everything takes place in a five-reel, four-row, 40-line layout. Players can bet up to 0.50 on each reel and increase their maximum bets to increase their payouts. The simple mouse-based control scheme is intuitive and easy for anyone who’s played a NetEnt game to pick up on quickly.

Space Wars Slot Features
Space Wars features multiple out-of-this-world features that help make it a ton of fun to play. There are many wild symbols, a variety of re-spins that let you re-spin a rather bad roll, and even a bonus game centered on the unique space portal taking up much of the right side of the gaming screen. It’s a nice touch that takes the art aesthetic to a new height by integrating it with the gameplay.

When you activate this bonus game, you’ll get the chance to blast invaders out of the sky and have fun experiencing an evocative change of pace from the original game. Winning big here can increase your multiplier, boost the size of the jackpot, and much more. It’s a nice touch that makes this game a little bit more than just another slot machine.

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The Wishmaster Casino Slot Game

Have you ever played an online casino game in the hope that your wish of wild riches would come true? Besides roulette and blackjack, you’re in luck because The Wishmaster slot machine has the chance to grant those wishes. This genie-based slots game lets you rub the genie lamp and take a shot on winning big bucks. Here’s what you need to know about this game, designed by NetEnt and available at the new casinos 2020 Mr. Green and BGO Casino.

The Wishmaster Casino Game Theme
The Wishmaster is focused on an ancient Arabian atmosphere and features a fun animation showing the revelation of a real-life genie! You try to grab the lamp, but it disappears from your grip. Now you are on the hunt for it and the wild riches it could bring to you. The graphics illustrate this theme with very Aladdin style images that are fun to watch, particularly the detailed animations.

Another great visual aspect of this game is the various scrolled letters that resemble ancient Arabic writing. They are very well-drawn and help create an even richer atmosphere than the already high-quality graphics and animations had created. The bonus symbols are made up of hawks, scorpions, and other types of appropriate images.

The sound design also does its part by creating a deep and mysterious style that is among NetEnt’s best work. The soothing music is slightly themed towards the Arabic and creates a nice atmosphere that draws in the player. The sound effects of laughing genies and tumbling coins are also nice touches, particularly for those who want to feel surrounded by the game.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Players who have engaged with other NetEnt games should know what to expect from The Wishmaster betting options. You can change the bet amount, the number of lines, and even set up autoplay to streamline the gaming experience. Nothing too fancy here, but if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Besides this

The Wishmaster Slot Features
Fun features in The Wishmaster include Wild substitutions that allow you to match up the flaming Wild card to complete matches. These pop up sporadically as you play and can be matched with two or more symbols of any kind. The animation here is really nice, showing off a great attention to detail.

However, if you match up a scatter symbol (an orange scroll with a genie lamp), you can unlock Free Spins. This allows you to use 10 free spins that are then matched up with a random bonus, such as increased multipliers and wild cards. In this game, you can make big bucks by focusing on matching multiple free spins and increasing your multiplier.

Our Take on The Wishmaster
Were our wishes met with this fun game? Absolutely! We had a fun time playing it and even won a little bit of money while doing it. Check it out in either free mode (where you don’t have to invest money) or real mode where you can invest cash and actually get your payouts!

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The Invisible Man Casino Slot Game

One of the most underrated and creepy horror movie concepts is the Invisible Man. You never know where he is or what he’s up to and he’s always mad as a hatter. Universal Studios version of this concept is still the best, and Netent has teamed up with them to create a thrilling and evocative slot machine game based on the theme. Try it out here or at Mr. Green or BGO Casino.

The Invisible Man Casino Game Theme
The story of the Invisible Man is one of evocative tragedy and this game highlights that aspect without being too gloomy to enjoy. An incredible animated introduction sets up the story of a doomed scientist turning himself invisible and going slowly mad in the process. Players are on the search for him and can activate a variety of police icons to win big bucks.

The graphics match the somewhat steampunk tone and feel of the animated intro, including smoking potions, people looking for the Invisible Man, and much more. Dramatic voice overs draw the player into the game and make them feel like their search is important and that there is no time to lose.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Playing this game is simple thanks to Net Ent’s streamlined and effective control methods. Players can set their bet level, the amount they want to bet for each spin, change their number of lines, set up auto play, or spin once.

Bet amounts vary from 0.02 to 0.50. Match at least three icons to win, but try to get five for the maximum payout. Free tip: always bet on multiple lines to increase your chance of catching the Invisible Man and earning the huge capture bonus for snagging him.

The Invisible Man Slot Features
Beyond the basic gameplay featured in The Invisible Man are a variety of bonus games. For example, you can match police icons to win free spins, make wilds, and substitute wild cards for icons that would complete a large match. The idea is to create a freewheeling atmosphere that mimics the police’s desperate search for the rampaging Invisible Man.

You can also activate the Griffin’s Rage Bonus Game in which players search for the Invisible Man in a Pick and Click game. Find him and win even more money and activate increased multipliers. Boosting your multipliers in this way is an important way of making even more money with your matches, particularly if you keep stringing them together through multiple matches.

The Police Spins bonus game awards you with three burning spins to get closer to narrowing the chase for the Invisible Man. Increased Invisible Man icons will appear on the reels to make it easier to match up his icons and easier to catch him.

Our Take on The Invisible Man
While the original The Invisible Man movie still scares your pants off, we love this game and the way it plays with the tropes of the movie. Try it out for free by clicking the link above or get into real play mode to actually cash out your winnings!

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The Guns N’ Roses Casino Video Slot

Anybody who said that rock is dead hasn’t played this kicking Guns N’ Roses video slot machine. Available at Netent, Mr. Green, and BGO Casino, players can jump into the fire and get ready to not only experience some rocking GNR tunes, but actually win big bucks by mastering the slot machine fun of this distinctive and unforgettable online slot machine game.

Guns N’ Roses Slot Theme
The theme of this game is obvious right from the very beginning. After an epic video introduction (that uses real live footage of the band) backed by the immortal Welcome To The Jungle, players dive right into the game. Rock and roll fans will be in awe by what they see when they start up.

Icons are based on Guns N’ Roses songs and imagery, including shots of the band members (such as Slash) on the icons. Fans of the band know how difficult it is to get these people together in the same spot these days, so it’s great to see Axl and Duff back together again.

As you play, you’ll get the chance to listen to some of GNR’s greatest hits. As a result, it’s fair to say that fans of the band should really check this game out. That said, those who aren’t really into their epic rock sound may be turned off by the soundtrack.

However, you can always mute the game and enjoy it based on its gameplay. In typical Netent fashion, there are plenty of fun options that makes this worth playing.

Betting Options and Other Functions
Netent has a pretty standard betting setup that makes it easy for fans of their other games to dive right in and start playing right away. For example, you can set the amount of lines you want to play, how much you bet on every line, spin once, setup Autoplay, choose a max bet, and even select the song you want to listen to while you play. Available songs include “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” “Paradise City,” “November Rain,” and “Chinese Democracy.”

Guns N’ Roses Slot Features
There are many different wild features that you can utilize in this game, such as Legend Spins, Bonus Symbols, Solo multipliers, Encore Free Spins, an Appetite for Destruction wild card, and much more.

The Crowd Pleasure bonus game allows you to play for free for 10 spins, giving you the chance to jump into the jungle and make it to paradise city after winning the big bucks. Sorry for the puns, but we just couldn’t resist!

Our Take On Guns N’ Roses
You don’t have to be a rock and roll fan to have fun with this game. This game is perfect for everyone, if you like trading pips bij ig markets or work for example as a teacher it does not matter you will love it! While it’s best suited to huge GNR fans, its collection of fun features and high-quality graphics and sound make it more than worth checking out. Click on the link above and consider investing money with real play in order to actually cash out.

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